Summer NAMM 2015 Product Highlights

Making Music editor-in-chief, Antoinette Follett, spent the second week in July at Summer NAMM, in Nashville, Tennessee. The Summer NAMM trade show is a chance to gawk at the latest trends in music gear, and also take in some live performances and demonstrations—everything from drum and ukulele circles to the next wave in recording, instrument, and performance technology.

Among the trends are a wide variety of effects pedals, which are shrinking in terms of size at the same rate that they are growing in terms of capabilities. A number of unique guitars were launched, including a Thinline acoustic/electric from ukulele maker Kala, as well as a state-of-the-art Silent Guitar from Yamaha. Digital consoles continue to improve in both portability and price, as do a wide variety of flexible amps and preamps. Innovative accessories like a glow-in-the-dark Turbotune string winder from Planet Waves and SKB’s mixer cases have performing musicians in mind.

Here are some of the hot new products fresh from the showroom floor.

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I actually JUST got those mics befroe this recording! I have been using 2 $100 mics for overheads that have worked this long. But the c414 s sound great. But most of what you are hearing in this of overheads are the room mics sitting in the bathtub

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