Sabian 14” HH Vanguard Hats

Sabian 14” HH Vanguard Hats offer smooth transition from a fat, meaty “chick” to their inherently dry closed stick sound. Striking in appearance, they are completely raw on the bottom, lathed only on the outside 2″ area of the bow, and lined the rest of the way to the cup. Their complex tone blends well, […]

Advanced Funk Studies

Included in Modern Drummer magazine’s list of the 25 greatest drum books, Advanced Funk Studies will help take your groove to the next level. With author and renowned drummer Rick Latham as your guide, you’ll learn hi-hat, funk, and fill patterns. Many of the ideas in this book are derived from some of the most […]

Money Beats with Rich Redmond

Even if you’ve never heard of the term, you know what it is. “Money beats” are the basic drumbeats that keep us grooving in pop, rock, country, dance hit after hit after hit. Rich Redmond is a guy who knows  thing or to about hits, because he’s been the drummer on 26 #1 hits. He knows the thing or two abut money beats, too. After all, he’s been the drummer on 26 #1 hits…..

HoverMat gets an update

Auralex® Acoustics, Inc. has announced a new updated version of the HoverMat—a portable acoustic barrier designed for use under drum kits, percussion setups, and other sound producing instruments. Based on customer suggestions and consultation with numerous drummers and percussionists, the updated HoverMat combines Auralex’s SheetBlok Sound Barrier with a non-slip durable fabric that is laminated […]