Community Video: Hitha — We Will Last

15-year-old singer, songwriter Hitha, from California, is a talented artist on her way to becoming a teen singing star. Her love for music started when she was 4 years old, a musical child prodigy who got to experiment with multiple styles of music growing up and who loved to perform. Her formula for success is simple: convert lifetime hardships and experiences into uplifting songs that are relatable and inspirational. Hitha draws her inspiration from her surroundings, interactions, and life experience. “I feel that music is the best way to reach people directly and share thoughts and emotions rather than simple words,” she says.

Hitha strives “to give youth a voice” through her music, and the courage to tackle any difficulties that may present themselves. She wants to bring awareness to many issues embedded in society. You will find many songs on these issues in her upcoming album, We Are Who We Are. With strong beats and beautiful messages, this album targets what Hitha believes to be problems that need change. With “We Will Last,” Hitha has one main goal: to uplift and support the listeners during these troubling times.

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