Community Video: The Wilderness — If I Have to Die

The Wilderness is the next big band you haven’t heard. However, the fans are talking about their over 400 live shows across the USA and Canada in the last four years alone.

The Wilderness is an indie rock sextet based in Kingston, ON that has a massive and mighty sound — a propulsive and potent indie rock fusion that has earned them comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, Mumford & Sons, The National and The Lumineers.

A truly international band composed of a Brit, a Frenchman, two Americans and two Canadians, The Wilderness formed in 2015. With an independently released EP to their credit — Seminary Road (2018) and six singles, “If I Have to Die” (2020) “Pick You Up” (2020), “Virginia Sapphire” (2019), “Fall (Despite What You Do)” (2019), “Dancing In The Dive Bars” (2018), “Hurry Up And Wait” (2018). On Aug. 21, 2020 The Wilderness finally released their long-awaited debut LP Until Tomorrow featuring the singles “Pick You Up”, “If I Have To Die” and “Graveyard” followed by the full-length Live album (Dec. 4, 2020) featuring the new single “Fire & The Wolves”.

The Wilderness is:

– Jonas Lewis-Anthony (Lead Singer)

– Sacha Lansky (Lead Guitar)

– Karl Tombak (Bass Guitar)

– Nicholas Lennox (Saxophone)

– Liam Neale (Keys & Percussions)

– Henry Lawrence (Drums)

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