The No. 1 Thing Songwriting Guitarists Don’t Think About

The battle between what matters the most in songwriting never ends. Is it the lyrics, or melody? Both of these elements matter, but if you’re a songwriting guitarist there’s one more important thing you should be aware of. It’s the thing that takes your songs to the next level. . . Voicing!

Many songwriting guitarists overlook this very crucial step in songwriting creation. Why does this matter? What’s the point? We often find that many songs miss the mark not because of melody and lyrics, but because the voicing doesn’t support the song. In fact, the voicing that you choose can help shape/support the melody and lyrics you create.

In this video, Mike Meiers, will walk you through some voicing options that a songwriting guitarist should know!'

Mike Meiers is a songwriter, producer, teacher, and full time coffee drinker. He toured for years with the pop rock band My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure. Mike currently writes for indie artists and has had placements for MTV, VH1, NPR, and FOX Sports. You can download Mike’s FREE e-book on how to make your playing and songs current at You can check out his Youtube channel HERE.

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