Guitar and the Passion of Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell – Playing guitar from a point of passion.

Larry Mitchell,
Photo: Bill Bungard

Larry Mitchell exemplifies the success that can be achieved when one chooses to follow his passion. The gifted Grammy Award winning performer, producer, and engineer continues to amaze. Larry’s guitar textures demonstrate his abilities as a solo artist and as an ensemble player. Larry has had the opportunity to tour with Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek, and Miguel Bosѐ. While on tour with Tracy Chapman, Larry performed for the late Nelson Mandela. In 1999, Larry won a San Diego music award for Best Pop Jazz artist.

In 2007, Larry won a Grammy Award for producing, engineering and performing on the Best Native American Music Album, “Totemic Flute Chants”, by Native American artist Johnny Whitehorse, who is best known as Robert Mirabal. Larry is also the proud recipient of 26 New Mexico Music Awards in various categories which include pop, adult, contemporary, rap, rock, country World music, and Native American music with artists such as Dawn Avery, Joy Harjo, and Shelley Morningsong. In 2009, Larry had the honor of playing on the Dalia Lama Renaissance album.

In 2019, Larry toured with Dawn Avery, Kate Martin, and a few other artists. He also went on tour to promote his 9th solo release Déjà Vu, which is a collection of his previously released songs. His new interpretations of these songs bring new life to them and make them as appealing as they were upon their original release.

Playing it forward

Larry Mitchell.
Photo: Bill Bungard

When Larry is not performing, producing, or engineering, he enjoys helping others to develop their talents. He often makes appearances at music stores, colleges, and guitar camps all over the world. He frequently leads workshops on technique, tones, and recent guitar technology.

In January 2019 Larry ran a guitar jam class for Joe Satriani’s G4 Experience which was put on by Dreamcatcher events. From July 29-August 2nd, 2019, Larry appeared as a featured artist at world renowned guitarist Steve Vai’s, Academy 5.0, where he taught classes in guitar textures, soloing concepts, guitar effects usage, and home recording. Larry had also been an instructor at Vai’s Academy on two other occasions. After his stint at the Academy in 2019, Larry went on to tour Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, and Australia. He finished his tour with a 3-week master artist residency at The Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida.

Larry has also spent a year teaching production and recording techniques at the College of Santa Fe music program. And Once a Year he has taught a master class in guitar, recording, and production at the Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland campus for the last seven years.

Encouraging Kids

Children hold a special place in Larry’s heart and he frequently does workshops for autistic children who play musical instruments. These workshops are in conjunction with Florida State University, the Center for Autism and Related Disorders located in 27 states, and Y Music in Cleveland Ohio. Larry has also collaborated with Dawn Avery on Native American Language Intensive Programs on the Mohawk Reservation in Canada.

Larry Mitchell Gear

Larry has several endorsements and relationships with guitar companies such as Composite Acoustics, D’Addario Strings, Dava Guitar Picks, D’Marzio Pickups, DV Mark, Electro Voice, Eventide, Fishman, Fractal Audio Systems, Godin Acoustic Guitars, Hotone, Jodi’s Head Straps and Neck Illusions, Keeley Electronics, Malik Box Pedals, Sennheiser Wireless, TC Electronic, Tech 21, and Tonewood Amp. Larry also has a signature model guitar with USA based Knaggs Guitars.

Explaining the matter of passion

Larry Mitchell,
Photo: Bob Cappazzo

Try to seek out your own voice. Your own tone your own sound. It’s good to learn other songs. But keep in mind it’s important to stand out be yourself, not a copy of some one else. Listen to all types of music. Try to incorporate things from a style far from what you plate and write in. If you play hard rock listen to country or funk and try to bring elements of that in to your guitar playing. Just elements.not change your music to that. If you only listen to the type of music that you play then you most likely will not add anything new to the genre

Larry’s Professional & Educational Involvements

I’m on the board of guitars in the classroom. Taught pro tools and recording at the college of Santa Fe in New Mexico .

Larry Mitchell Merch

Newest releases “Shadows on the soul” (electric EP) and “the light within” (acoustic EP) are on band camp only.

Past releases are available on iTunes Apple Music Amazon. Spotify


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