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Charlotte Adams

Charlotte Adams approaches guitar and learning guitar from a place of not only practical skills and techniques, but also from a place of spirit. The idea being that a guitar is more than a “Thing” that you pick up and hold and do something to, such as strumming. The idea is that the guitar is part of you in her approach—and not just as an appendage, but as representative of you and your own personal sense of spirit.

If you’ve tried learning guitar by working through random books and videos, or even working with a teacher who doesn’t take your unique needs into account, you’ve found that success doesn’t happen from a haphazard approach. It happens when you have strong intention and commitment; it happens when you have materials that address your weaknesses and support your goals; it happens when you are a skilled learner and know how to practice effectively; and it happens when you have quality input, support, and guidance for those times when you hit a wall, need an objective ear, or could use a cheerleader. That’s a powerful combination for progress. It’s also doable one, and one that Charlotte Adams is here help you realize.

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