Simeon Flick Is Boundless with a Guitar

The Early Strumming

Simeon Flick in the early days with Sages of Memphis

Flick grew up in Palo Alto, California, went down South and played college ball at the University of Redlands outside of LA , did a band called CRUX (two cassettes and a demo), graduated, stayed on in Redlands and did a band called Sages of Memphis (two CDs and a cassette demo), left for graduate school in Boulder CO for the Spring ’99 semester, spent the turn of the millennium in Arizona driving a black truck with no AC, moved to San Diego in 2001, put out seven solo albums (with an eighth on the way) and played lots of music with lots of people, wrote a lot of press for the San Diego Troubadour, sang on a lot of jingles, met his wife Allison in 2002 and married her four years later, signed on to Instant Encore in 2005 (and said goodbye in 2010), played with Followers (2007-2009), has been gigging with SCRATCH (March 2010-Present), Christopher Dale and the Rabbit Hole, Jetpack Mojo … and more.

Simeon Says…

Simeon Flick

“Practice as much as you can before age becomes a limitation. Keep learning. Try not to limit yourself stylistically; listen to any and every kind of music you can stomach. Think polyphonically. Listen in general; even if you’re playing a solo, you still have to know what key you’re in, and where the dynamics are going. Pay attention to what the other instruments are doing, let that influence you, give you ideas, connect with your fellow musicians. Have fun!”

Simeon Flick’s Guitar Gear

  • Two Fender Telecasters,
  • Hand-made bubinga-wood guitar custom made by Lyndon Taylor
  • Gibson SG doubleneck
  • Hirade H15 classical,
  • Taylor 910ce.




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Chuck Schiele is an award-winning musician, producer, editorialist, artist, activist and music fan. He still plays every day.

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