The Problem All Pianists Need to Overcome (But Many Don’t Even Know About!)

Unlike playing a trombone or violin, pianists don’t have to worry too much about intonation and pitch. You hit the key on the piano and the note comes out, right? Because of this, pianists, especially beginners, tend to forget about listening to their playing and instead focus on getting all the notes right.

But have you ever listened to someone play a piece on piano without paying attention to dynamic markings or phrasing or articulation? Quite frankly, it’s rather boring. Listening as a piano player is critical, even though most times it may be an afterthought.

In this video, pianist Bill Hilton demonstrates three ways to be a better listener at the piano.

To check out more of Bill’s videos, you can visit his YouTube channel here:

Bill Hilton is the author of How To Really Play The Piano, An Introduction to Cocktail Piano and Seven Studies in Pop Piano. His YouTube piano channel, which has over 200 tutorials for pianists of all abilities, offers lessons for anyone wanting to improve their piano playing and learn improvisation skills for jazz, blues, and ballad styles.


Hello, I find this article to be very interesting and I think it is good that somebody has addressed this topic. I realize how with pianos and keyboards, the keys don’t have any problem emitting an instant beat. Though with trombonists and violinists, there is more thought required in order to play the correct sounds.

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