Community Video: altre di B — Salgado

Since its debut in 2011, the indie rock band altre di B, comprising members Andrea Ortolani, Alberto Laffi, Giacomo Gelati, and Giovanni Ruggeri (this vintage name comes from the matches not included in the B leagues’ sports betting) has secured a place in the flourishing scene of its hometown Bologna, Italy, mixing the inventiveness and the energy of post-punk combined with a strong euphoric dimension. The result is a nervous, surprising and jubilant rock.

Sinking its roots in the DIY spirit, after numerous recording sessions collected in self-released issues containing the Panini stickers of B leagues teams, the band released its debut album There’s a million better bands, starting a long tour between Italy and Europe. Following the synth keyboards integration, altre di B have expanded their sonic horizon which led to the releases of the albums Sport (2014, self) and Miranda! (2017, Black Candy Records), with several tours between North America and Canada, the presence in the international festivals Primavera Sound, SXSW, Sziget and Europavox, and the attendances in Quelli che il calcio tv program. New album will be out in 2021.

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