rock-it barre

Why Use Rock-iT Barre?

Laurie Hansen, a 62-year-old inventor with osteoarthritis, developed Rock-iT Barre, a device allowing players to play 108+ chords without bending their fingers. A rocking motion allows players to switch from major to minor chords with ease. The Rock-iT Barre is adjustable, allowing it to be used on various sizes of guitars and ukuleles. It can also be used […]

guitar month

Guitar Month is Coming in March 2019!

Take part in this special focus on the world’s favorite instrument. Are you a guitar player? Tips, insights, and techniques relative to guitar will be available to enrich your playing experience. Got something to share? Would you like to contribute? We want you to! We will feature your content in a mutually reciprocal, positive engagement experience. Are you a […]

guitar picks

Guitar Month

Guitar Month is coming soon in March 2019! Check out this special focus on one of the world’s favorite instruments. Tips, insights, and techniques relative to guitars will be available to enrich the guitar playing experience.  Are you a guitar expert or manufacturer that wants to be included in our content? We’re looking for you and your expertise. We […]

music expo

Music Expo Announces 2019 Conference Dates

Music Expo brings together Grammy-winning producers and engineers, music industry taste-makers and leading technology brands. These conferences feature panel discussions with industry professionals, workshops, live demos, and keynote presentations on music technology, business, and creation. The event is hosted by SAE Institute. “Music Expo is becoming the place for the audio and recording community, and […]