The Bassist’s Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health

Written by a bass player for bass players, The Bassist’s Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health, in two volumes, is designed to point out common and not-so-common problems that the musician may encounter during practice or performing situations. These books, written by Dr. Randy Kertz, a regular contributor to Making Music and creator […]

Playing Well with Dr. Kertz — Health Tips for Vocalists

It’s vocal month at Making Music, and in his newest video, Dr. Randy Kertz discusses the importance of good posture and breathing techniques for vocalists, and if you should find an expert to work on your intercostal muscles. Dr. Kertz’s monthly column addresses how musicians can avoid injury, how they can identify things they may […]

Prateek Thakur

Saxophonist Prateek Thakur Triumphs Through Music

At a young age, Prateek was diagnosed with impaired hearing, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a music teacher. He had to work twice as hard to make sure he was successful. Whenever one of his students feels discouraged, he always tells them that if he can accomplish his dream despite all the challenges he faced, anyone can do it.