French Horn Basics with Michael Manley

MIchael Manley

Michael Manley has enjoyed a diverse career as a French hornist, teacher, and arts labor advocate. His playing career has included tours with The New York City Opera National Company, Miss Saigon, and Les Miserables, and the Las Vegas production of Disney’s The Lion King.

Overcoming near career- ending injuries, Michael has a passion for teaching those recovering from injury as well as student and adult beginners and those returning to the horn after years away.

Interview with Michael Manley

Michael Manley

Michael’s professional writing on the music industry has been featured in The International Musician, Symphony magazine, and He is the co-author, with writer and composer Angela Chan, of the award-winning one-act musical Legacy of the Tiger Mother.

Michael plays a 1991 Ambronze Lawson “Fourier” F-Bb double horn.



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