Cannonball 779 Professional Flugelhorn

Cannonball’s 779 Professional Flugelhorn represents a hybrid of old and new. The French Tapered mouthpipe and unique wood bracing contribute to the vintage flugel sound. However, the extra-large bell allows for a huge sound on demand. Cannonball’s 779 flugelhorn is extremely responsive. Intonation is superb. Tone and feel are consistent from the lowest to the highest note. This creates an ease in the upper range that will surprise and gratify players and audiences alike. Available in lacquered and raw brass.



  • Bell Diameter: 6.38″
  • Bore Size: .415″
  • One-Piece Hand-Hammered Bell
  • Monel Pistons
  • 3rd Slide Lever
  • Cocobolo Wood Bracing and Buttons
  • French-Taper Mouthpiece
  • Acoustically Customized and Adjusted by a Professional

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