Yamaha Expands Electronic Drum Lineup with DTX6 Series

Yamaha has launched the company’s DTX6 Series of electronic drum kits, providing drummers of every level with a solution for quiet practice, rehearsal, recording, and education.

The DTX6 Series, with the DTX-PRO module featuring the Kit Modifier, delivers high resolution sounds and puts drummers in control of unbound creative expression. Drummers can take videos of their performances and share them without leaving the drum throne, while developing their drumming skill.

Improving upon the success of the DTX502 Series, the DTX6 series — including the DTX6K-X, DTX6K2-X and DTX6K3-X models — offers drummers new professionally-sampled sounds and effects recorded around the world in renowned studios. For easy modification, the series features a Kit Modifier within the new powerful DTX-PRO module. With a simple turn of a knob, players can alter sounds dynamically with EQ effects including ambiance and compression.

The DTX-PRO module has room for 230 kits, with more than 30 preset kits and 200 user kits, as well as more than 400 new voices equaling thousands of sound possibilities, allowing drummers the ability to easily find a unique sound in any style of music. Improvements to the DTX-PRO module include expanded polyphony and lightning-fast triggering speed to deliver a dynamic and expressive playing experience. The module is compatible with all current DTX pads, as well as with other triggering devices and pads.

The DTX6K2-X and DTX6K3-X models come equipped with the new RS6 rack, top-of-the-line PCY135 cymbals and an enhanced kick drum tower boasting a fresh new design. The DTX6K-X and DTX6K2-X include single-zone pads on the toms, while the DTX6K3-X has multi-zone pads across the board.

The RS6 rack gives players more open space on the left side of the rack making room for the hi-hat stand and a double bass pedal, adding more flexibility and increased range of movement. “L” shaped legs have been added to the rack for enhanced stability and stress-free playing.

The DTX6 Series comes integrated with the free iOS/Android Rec’n’Share app that allows drummers to record audio and video from the e-kit along with songs from their music library and easily share their performances with the world.


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