The 8 Best Gift Ideas for a Guitarist

A nice subtle addition to your guitarist’s arsenal is always going to be a welcome present. Gift ideas for a guitarist don’t need to be expensive or unique; they need to be something a guitarist can get maximum use from. Here is a list of the ‘8 Best Gifts for a Guitarist,’ covering the full range of budgets to assist you when making the best decision for your guitarist. So let’s take a look:

1. Strings

gifts ideas for a guitarist phosphor bronze strings
D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

It may seem a little on the dull side for a gift, but every guitarist requires spare strings. We all know that strings come and go — sometimes we break them, sometimes they’re just old. You don’t want to be busting a string at a live show without a backup set. That’s a massive error. So a nice fresh set of strings hits the mark. They are inexpensive and always available online.

Here are the best Acoustic and Electric strings I have found over the last 25 years of playing:

The DAddario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Stringsgifts ideas for a guitarist acoustic guitar strings are extremely popular corrosion-resistant acoustic guitar strings, professionally produced by a huge player in the string department. These offer a warm, bright, and well-balanced tone. They last so much longer than the competitors around this price. My winner by far in the acoustic string race.

gifts ideas for a guitarist nanoweb guitar strings
Elixir Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings

Elixir Nanoweb Electric Guitar Stringsgifts ideas for a guitarist nanoweb strings are a 5-Star product for a reason. These bad boys lasted me four live gigs and rehearsals in between. A true warrior in the string department. Your guitarist will appreciate the longevity of this product.

Elixir produces a range of superb longer-lasting strings:

  • Polyweb: Warm tone, slick, and fast playing.
  • Nanoweb: Bright and smooth.
  • Optiweb: Crisp and natural.

Due to the patented technology, this protects the string against common corrosion issues, unlike its competitors. No other brand can boast of such a quality product.

Added extras if you need to fill your gift budget: Absolutely essential are D’Addario Assorted Picks.


gifts ideas for a guitarist polytune tuner
Polytune Clip-on Tuner

2. A Tuner

The first product you buy after purchasing a guitar is 100% a tuner — an essential piece of equipment. Even if your guitarist has a tuner, I bet he/she doesn’t have one like this: Polytune Clip-on Tunerclip on tuner.

The clip-on Polytune has revolutionized tuning the guitar. It simultaneously tunes all six strings at the same time, a real forward step in tuning technology. It’s very quick and handy in live gig scenarios and looks futuristic and slick. Top marks wherever it’s been reviewed.

This would make an outstanding present for your guitarist. A tuner is required every day of a guitar player’s life. It even tunes to flat and with a capo attached. A very clever little box of tricks. Although the Polytune costs a little more than the market competition, it’s the future of guitar tuning and does so much more than the old-style tuner.


3. A Slide

slides for guitar
Both glass and stainless steel slides can be used on any guitar.

A really inexpensive and thoughtful gift. This could inspire a guitarist to venture out into another area of creativity. Both glass and stainless steel slides can be used on any guitar. Makes a wonderful addition to the guitarist’s toy box. You can sit back and listen to your guitarist slide out some thick muddy Mississippi delta blues, whilst your dog howls. What more do we need in life?


4. A Tablet 

amazon tablet
Amazon Fire HD tablet

Before you skip past, I’ve added this because a musician can get so much use out of the modern-day tablet: studio recording apps, tuners, sheet music, YouTube tutorial videos, videoing yourself or your band, browsing for a new guitar, aiding the traveling musician through long journeys. The list is endless.

I’ve reviewed many tablets for guitarists, and this is the best: Amazon Fire HD tabletfir tablet.

Super inexpensive, you wouldn’t believe it. If you have a budding songwriter in the family, we now have the ability to download the entire orchestra to accompany the new acoustic song we wrote in our bedroom. Endless free apps to assist a guitarist. Easily record a tune and quickly upload it to YouTube. The power of these devices is extraordinary. Brilliant for guitar purposes.


5. Plug-In Headphone Amp 

A superb gift idea for a vacation or traveling guitar player. Maybe you’re spending a lot of time in hotel rooms or you may have a newborn baby you don’t want to wake. Here’s the answer: a pocket-sized guitar amp! You literally plug it into your electric guitar, plug your headphones in, and away you go.

gifts ideas for a guitarist vox ap2ac
VOX AP2AC amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

I love this product: Vox AP2ACgifts ideas for a guitarist vox ap2ac amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

Here’s a really clever thoughtful present idea. The Vox AC30 is the legendary amp that powered the 1960s’ “British Invasion.” Now you can take it in your pocket. It takes two AAA batteries and comes with a swivel jack for all types of guitars. Here’s the amazing bit: It’s not just a dull amplified version of your strings coming through your headphones; there are tone, gain, and volume switches, and an aux input if you desire to go into a small amp. The effects onboard are fantastic! Chorus, Delay, and Reverb. The best effect is the tremolo that layers on top of the other sounds if you so wish.

I have tried one of these babies out in the guitar store, the VOX AP2AC has a surprisingly high quality of sound. Brilliant for rehearsing in a quiet home or the traveling businessman.


6. Looper Pedal

gifts ideas for a guitarist loop station
Boss RC-3 USB Loop Station

Looper pedals enable the guitarist to learn their scales over chord patterns, they could be used to fill out songwriting ideas. You can multi-layer tracks over and over each other with any sound that comes from your guitar. It’s like a mini recording studio at your feet. Simply lay a few chords down, add a second layer of chords then solo all over it.

There are a lot of looper pedals on the market, but you’ll find it hard to better a Boss.

The Boss RC-3 USB Loop Stationgifts ideas for a guitarist loop station is among the best loop pedal in today’s market. It supports three hours of recording and can store an amazing 99 slots. It also has added extras like real audio drum loops to jam along with. If you hadn’t heard, Boss has manufactured ‘Tank’-like pedals since 1977. So you’ve got no worries concerning the longevity of this product.

Although not an essential guitar item, I can see many guitarists of any skill level getting fun from these. Hours of creativity to be had and many different avenues to be explored.


7. A Metronome 

gifts ideas for a guitarist metronome

Don’t underestimate the power and value of a metronome. You could be super fast and talented on a guitar, but if you can’t play “in time” you’ll never be able to play with any other musicians. Possibly aimed at the beginner to the intermediate guitar skill level.

Tempimetronome does a selection of beautiful looking metronomes. Comes with 2 Year Warranty, E-Book, 2 Months Free Music Lessons. All at a fair price.


8. Guitar Wall Mount

gifts ideas for a guitarist guitar wall mount
Bikoney Guitar Holder Wall Mount Bracket Guitar Wall Hanger

I thought I’d finish this gift roundup with something you probably haven’t thought of. It’s a wall mount for a guitar but it also provides a station for other bits and pieces (it’s a bit like the man draw but tidier).

The Bikoney Guitar Holder Wall Mount Bracket Guitar Wall Hangergifts ideas for a guitarist guitar wall hanger — The guitar is safely held in place by the wall mount, and can be displayed in a place where you work or rehearse. The built-in hooks provide a place to hang guitar cables, guitar straps, or a capo. There is a 3mm gap filed into the top to stand your picks up. The flat shelf is a perfect place to lay your tuner and a picture of yourself when you crowd surfed at Woodstock.

All in all, I think this is a really unique thoughtful gift idea which any guitarist would like.

Ok, I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to go out and spoil your guitarist. After all, they are worth it.

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Lee Atterton has been playing guitar for over 25 years, and has done everything from playing on TV in London and supporting big bands, to playing on radio, working as a full-time guitarist/singer on a holiday resort, and playing solo at weddings and christenings. Atterton is the founder of Authority Guitar, a site where he wants readers to enjoy every aspect of learning the guitar.

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