KAT Percussion Releases New Electronic Drum Kit

KAT Percussion has introduced a new electronic drum kit: the updated and upgraded KT-200. Stepping away from its longstanding design look of gray cymbals, white pads and a chrome rack, KAT Percussion has turned to a stealthy black and charcoal combination for this new kit, with the only hint of white showing up on the mesh head of the snare pad.

The KT-200 is designed to be used as a professional electronic drum kit but is easy enough to set up and use that any beginner would not feel intimidated. It comes with 232 built-in, hyperreal drum sounds featuring French DREAM’s sampling technology which utilizes digital technology to record the sound of real instruments. The user will also find a simple and easy to use interface, and a fully customizable sound library.

With its state of the art velocity-sensitive triggers, you can set parameters on the drum pad triggers, thus ensuring the best possible playing response, avoiding potential sound delay and repetition. The innovative Coach function combined with the built-in metronome will help any drummer with accuracy, tempo, timing and quickness. The hardware of the KT-200 is specially designed to minimize crosstalk and the control unit has a USB port that supports USB flash disk audio players and USB-MIDI.


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