8 Spectacular Apps for Singers

8 Spectacular Apps for Singers

Learning to sing isn’t all in the vocal cords (although that’s a large portion)—singers must also learn to keep up with different tempos and sight-read the music on a page. If you sing in a group setting, there’s the added challenge of learning to harmonize. Developers have created many apps for singers that help them master various aspects of vocal performance.

While your music teacher is your best resource for all your vocal challenges, every teacher will tell you the importance of practicing in between each teaching session. If you’re struggling with self-improvement in between your lessons, have you tried turning to an app? You use apps to listen to music, why not use them to help you perform and learn music, too?

We’ve put together a list of 8 spectacular apps for singers. Whether you’re looking for assistance with vocal warm-ups, building confidence, or just want a fun way to practice karaoke, there’s an app for you. Get started with these recommendations:

1. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

sing karaoke  app iconAvailable on: Android, iOS

Price: Free

This karaoke app is perfect for those who want to refine and practice their vocal skills in between lessons, or casual singers who just want to have some fun. The Sing! Karaoke app features a library of more than 800,000 songs. Record yourself singing, or sing duets with other people—including featured artists. Experiment with voice filters, and if you’re brave enough, share your recordings with the world. This app is a great way to turn your love of singing into a fun social experience.

2. Red Karaoke Sing and Record

red karaoke sing and record  app iconAvailable on: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Another karaoke app to have fun with is the Red Karaoke Sing and Record app. Use it to record yourself singing one of 70,000 available songs. Play back your recordings, to see where you can improve vocally. If you’re confident and proud of your recordings, share your videos with more than 7 million members. You can even play around with special vocal effects before sharing, and team up with other people for duets.

3. Sing Harmonies

sing harmonies app iconAvailable on: iOS

Price: $1.99 + in-app purchases

Sing Harmonies is great for vocalists who have difficulty hearing or singing harmonies in group settings. With this app, you can rotate through four-part vocal arrangements, to help train yourself to hear the harmonies. Practice with popular songs like “Lean on Me,” “Rolling in the Deep,” and “Silent Night.” You can change the volume settings of each singer, or mute them, to see how each piece fits together with the whole arrangement. Then test your skills by singing along. When you show up to your next lesson or choir practice, everyone will be impressed with your noticeable improvement!

4. Singing Vocal Warm Ups—Singer’s Friend

singers friend app iconAvailable on: iOS

Price: $3.99

Sometimes it’s hard to get in a good habit of practicing your music skills in between your lessons—and as every music teacher will tell you, practice makes perfect. If you need a little motivation, the Singing Vocal Warm Ups app can help you get in the groove of practicing. This app features 16 different scale patterns, and uses realistic piano sounds to help you warm up your voice—whether you’re on-the-go, in a private setting, or even right before your next lesson. With the choices of bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano settings, it’s easy to warm up in your vocal range. Feel free to play around with the speed of each exercise, and follow along with which notes are currently playing. Your voice instructor will be proud to see how much you’ve been practicing since your last session!

5. Warm Me Up for Singers

warm me up app for singersAvailable on: Android, iOS

Price: $7.05 Android, $5.99 iOS

This app features 50 vocal warm-up exercises across five different categories—and it’s available on both Android and iOS. Choose exercises based on how much time you have, or create your own warm-up. On-screen tips will help you maximize the potential of your warm-up in order to help you put your best foot forward during practices and performances.

6. Pocket Pitch

pocket pitch app for singersAvailable on: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Whether you need to improve your pitch, want to play around with the notes, or you’re warming up your a cappella group, Pocket Pitch is a great app for helping you find the right notes when a piano isn’t available. Use it to get started on the right pitch in your lesson, or to practice listening and identifying the right notes.

7. Perfect Piano

perfect piano app for singersAvailable on: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Yes, this app is for singers; and you don’t have to be an experienced pianist to use it. No matter your skill level, the Perfect Piano app can help guide your vocal practice sessions. Use it to work on your pitch, play warm-up exercises, or play music to help with sight-reading. If you’re not a pianist, this app is a good place to start learning some piano basics, which may come in handy later on in your singing career. Of course, it can’t replace a professional teacher or a good keyboard, but it’s a decent alternative for those times when you don’t have a piano on hand.

8. Tempo by Frozen Ape

tempo app for singersAvailable on: Android, iOS

Price: $1.25 Android, $2.99 iOS

Great for any musician, the Tempo app will help you stay on beat when learning new songs. Use it to set the pace when singing, or to simply expand your musical knowledge by becoming familiar with tempo rates. This app is great for beginners and experienced musicians alike, as it can serve as both a learning tool and an invaluable accessory when practicing or performing.

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Jennifer Paterson, A.R.C.T., Master’s of Music (voice, piano), has degrees from Boston University, The Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. She was a recipient of The Canada Council Award to study at the well-known Royal Opera House in London, and was the principal soprano for the Boston Lyric Opera Company. Her dedication to the legitimate training of the voice and piano has made her a definite asset to the musical community of Southern California.


That’s really a nice list. But i think this post needs an update as many awesome new music app has come up. 🙂

I hope you make games of games
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I now you love music but i think thats enough music apps
😭 After 😍💙🤑😅

What is the best vocal app for singers to record demo videos to post online. Doesn’t have to be free. I typically record vocal with acoustic guitar. I find the simple approach is the best. All I want is one sound a vintage warm vocal with a little plate reverb

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