2016 Gift Guide for Musicians

holiday gift guide

holiday gift musicians
Making Music presents our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring holiday gift ideas for your favorite musician!


Gig Gloves

Worry-free grip


Never worry about hurting your hands before or after the gig, while loading in and out, or setting up your rig. Gig Gloves are the only work glove designed specifically for gigging musicians, DJs, roadies, and production and live event professionals. They offer complete hand protection, access to the fingers, and touchscreen capable material to ensure that there’s no need to remove the gloves for any task. Meet the Gig Gloves family: Original Gig Gloves allow for safe visibility in low light environments; Gig Gloves ONYX are completely black for those who need to be invisible to the audience or prefer to be discreet; and THERMO Gig Gloves feature a soft internal layer of fleece are for outdoor and cold weather gigs.

Find Out More at gig-gear.com



Heritage Guitar

Heritage with Style

A direct descendant of the famed D Series, the Heritage series continues the tradition of a solid spruce top paired with mahogany, rosewood, tamo ash or flamed maple back and sides, available in five different body styles. The Heritage series is the epitome of Washburn’s commitment to quality and value.

Find Out More at www.washburn.com



CD Baby

cd baby

CD Baby gives you more ways to reach fans and make money from your music than any other distributor. For a one-time setup fee of just $49 per album, or $9.95 per single, you get: your music on all the most popular streaming and download services (like Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more); CDs and vinyl available to more than 15,000 record stores worldwide; YouTube monetization; sync licensing to earn money when your songs are used in film, TV, commercials, etc.; direct-to-fan sales and promotion tools with your own CDBaby.com storefront; daily trending reports from Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify; and more. A preferred Apple content provider, CD Baby is the quickest way to get your music onto Apple Music and iTunes.

Find Out More at members.cdbaby.com





Rediscover your mic locker! Cloudlifter unleashes your microphone’s true potential by adding up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain, loading the mic with the proper impedance, and improving the overall sound quality with an elegant gain stage prior to the preamp, while drastically reducing noise. The Cloudlifter’s patented circuit is ideal for dynamic, tube, wireless, headset, and ribbon mics. Powered by phantom power from your microphone input device, the Cloudlifter does not pass phantom to the mic, making it a great solution for passive ribbons. Cloudlifters are available in one-, two-, and four-channel configurations. Additionally, the pictured the CL-Z adds continuously variable input impedance (150-15kohm), and a variable HPF, giving you total control over the microphone’s tone and character.

Find Out More at cloudmicrophones.com



Unity Audio Rock MKIIs and Super Rocks

Studio Reference

im s rock

Unity Audio Rock MKIIs and Super Rocks are two active monitors for critical near field listening that are trusted by some of the world’s best artists. Musicians, producers, and engineers use Rocks as the new studio reference. Fifty percent of the world’s top 10 selling albums in 2015 used Unity Audio Monitors to craft their sound. Sealed enclosures provide tonal accuracy and balance with low coloration. Ribbon drivers have an unusually even HF characteristic that is smooth and clean, providing great accuracy and detailed imaging. With custom amps designed by Esoteric Audio Research these monitors translate well and will give you a reference monitor you can trust. Check the websites for more details.




Dark Side of the Moon Umbrella Stroller

Take a Stroll on The Dark Side


The ultimate gift for music fans! Daphyl’s, Pink Floyd stroller presents the best in baby gear with their one-of-a-kind ultra lightweight Dark Side of the Moon umbrella stroller. Featuring Pink Floyd’s iconic prism on the seat and the epic The Wall bricks on the canopy, this stroller is sure to be the highlight in any baby’s young life. Daphyl’s strollers are built to surpass required safety standards with a five-point locking harness. Some of the other features are: heavy duty rain resistant fabric, adjustable canopy, padded handle bars, four sets of double wheels, two sets of locking rear breaks, tested for use up to a 40-pound child, total weight of stroller eight pounds, and shoulder strap for ease of transport.All orders placed on or before December 15 will be delivered (within the continental US) prior to the Christmas holiday.





Beauty Meets Function


The Kala 20 ½-inch short-scale U-Bass first hit the market in 2008. This Kala Exotic Mahogany model’s beautiful exotic mahogany top, back, and sides set it apart by virtue of the eye-catching grain patterns. Set-up in the US with round wound strings, UBASS-EM-FSRW offers familiarity to players accustomed to basses with metal strings. It provides a booming sound with treble more in line with a traditional electric or acoustic bass. The Kala Exotic Mahogany U-Bass comes fully equipped with a built-in tuner and Shadow pickup and EQ system. The retail price is $499.







ALiX is a studio quality instrument preamplifier, EQ and DI. With the same legendary audio performance as our pro audio gear, ALiX brings beautiful, nuanced sonic character to the stage. A powerful three-band EQ and notch/high pass filters ensure your sound will always be dialed, while a variable 10dB boost allows you to cut through any mix whenever necessary. Regardless of where, how, or what you play, ALiX is designed to help you sound better, play better and deepen the bond between you and your instrument. Built by obsessively passionate designers and musicians in Lyons, Colorado, the street price is around $625. Demonstrations at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeMPw9rZ4RE and https://soundcloud.com/gracedesign.




Les Paul Monitors


Gibson Brands, Inc. continues to honor the roots of Les Paul, who pioneered multi-track recording. The sound engineer, the producer, the musician, or the fan that loves a great listening experience, all share one dream: to have a reliable reference speaker that they trust and enjoy in the studio or at home.
The monitors utilize exceptional materials including diamond carbon-coated titanium tweeters, non-woven carbon woofers, and custom-made amplification to ensure ultra-clean transient impulse response and large headroom.




Bamboo Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Utensils


Looking for the perfect GIFT FOR A MUSICIAN? These 100% Bamboo Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Utensils are sure to ROCK THEIR WORLD! 4 PIECE SET: Spoon, Fork, 2 Spatulas. Safe to use on non-stick cookware. 11.75” Long, 2.3” Wide and .5” Thick: Perfect Size for Kitchen Use. 100% SAFE and SMOOTH, SPLINTER-FREE BAMBOO. HEAT, STAIN and ODOR-RESISTANT GIFT-READY BOX is Cleverly Designed to Look Like a Guitar Case.




King Bee

Neat Microphones


Created by a team of renowned microphone designers and engineers, Neat Microphones’ King Bee and Worker Bee microphones offer amazing performance, combining cutting-edge technology and forward-looking design at price points previously unobtainable in today’s modern studio recording environments.

Both microphones include a custom pop filter, shock-mount, and velvet storage pouch.


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