6 Awesome Apps for Learning and Making Music

7 awesome apps for making music

There are countless apps our there, and plenty of them deal with music. Whether it is teaching music, learning music, or making music, there are thousands of apps out there that can help you accomplish what you need. How do you weed through all the apps and find the best ones for making music? It’s a long and hard process, but that’s why Making Music did it for you! Of course we may not have every great app on this list, and although we hate it admit it, there is a chance we may have missed a few good ones. We still believe these are 6 awesome apps for learning and making music. So make sure you check them out and leaves us your thoughts in the comment section. Don’t forget to see an even bigger list with more Music Maker Apps!


6 Awesome Apps for Learning and Making Music

Hal Leonard PlayAlonghal leonard playalong

Hal Leonard PlayAlong is the first iPad App that combines interactive sheet music, pro-quality audio backing tracks and powerful practice/performance tools along with premier songs from the Hal Leonard music library. Learn, play, record, share and perform YOUR favorite songs right on your iPad!

Free (iPad)


Getting Started on Guitargetting started on guitar

Getting Started on Guitar offers clear, step-by-step instruction that incorporates easy-to-follow graphics, to teach the viewer the essential chords, scales, and techniques used by guitar players in every popular style, including Rock, Blues, and Country music.

Free (iPhone/iPad)


Tempo–Metronome with Setliststemp-metronome

This metronome app provides accuracy and stability in an innovative interface with Basic, Preset, Setlist, Practice, Gig, and Complete modes. Tempo-Metronome with Setlists features 35 different time signatures, six rhythm patterns for simple meters and three for compound meters and includes advanced setlist management features.

$2.99 (iPhone/iPad)


Metronome: Tempometronome---tempo

Highly stable and accurate, Metronome: Tempo features 30 different time signatures, plus six rhythm patterns for simple meters and three for compound meters. Pulsing LEDs provide visual feedback. Accents can be customized and beats can be turned off to create more complex rhythms.

$1.25 (Android)



This app makes learning to distinguish intervals feel like a game. RelativePitchLite includes a five-lesson training mode, a testing mode to measure progress, plus a custom mode that lets you target problem areas. It will help you improve your ability to improvise, compose, and sing harmony.

Free (iPhone/iPad)


Drum Setdrum-set

Play drums along with your songs with Drum Set. You can choose different drum setup variations. Sounds taken from real drums provide fantastic sound quality. You can record music (beats) for each setup separately and share recordings with your friends.

Free (Android)


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