8 Songwriting Tools for Recording Your Ideas

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Inspiration strikes you when you least expect it. That’s why it’s crucial always to have proper songwriting tools to save your thoughts and melodies. Otherwise, so many precious ideas will get lost and numerous fantastic songs won’t be recorded.

Fortunately, nowadays technology has advanced so much that with your mobile phones you can have the whole recording studio in your pocket. Here is the list of the best songwriting tools that will help you record your ideas and store them safely.


Let’s start with the basics. Melanie Rodgers, a full-time content writer at Best Essays and part-time contributor at Xpert Writers, emphasizes the importance of jotting down your ideas as they cross your mind and suggests the Evernote app for that purpose.

It’s a free mobile application that allows you to store text, audio and photo notes in one organized place and more importantly, automatically sync among all your devices. Evernote is a perfect place to save your lyric ideas or hummed melodies.

Recording apps

Sometimes the simplest solution is often the best one. Therefore, use your little pocket computer, i.e. your smartphone, to record a melody when the inspiration hits you. Nowadays, most mobile phones have built-in free recording apps.

Android users can take advantage of Easy Voice Recorder or Smart Voice Recorder, while iPhone users can leverage Audio Memos. However, if these don’t suit your needs, you can always browse through the App Store or Play Store to find different ones.


GarageBand is an iOS app that lets you record your song on the go, basically by playing your iPhone like a musical instrument. It enables you to create a song from scratch and enrich it with guitars, drum kits, basses, and synths; a convenient solution for songwriters who are often on the move.

Besides, GarageBand provides you with free Artists Lessons for guitar and piano with three levels of difficulty, so it’s a great learning tool for newbies.


HumOn is an Android and iOS app that helps you create music wherever you are. Simply hum your melody when you get a new song idea. Also, there is an edit mode to modify the duration or pitch of musical notation, as well as other useful options.

It also allows you to complete your masterpieces with appropriate instrumental accompaniments, like rock, ballad, R&B, and so on. Plus, you can share your music across social media and let other music lovers listen to your fantastic work.

Simple Songwriter

Another excellent Apple app to record your song ideas safely is Simple Songwriter. Not only does the touchscreen give you the ideal environment to easily and quickly generate song concepts, but you can record it also for later practice on your preferred instrument.

Likewise, Simple Songwriter allows you to play with tempos, create smooth inversions and modulations for subtle adaptations, and find chords that are in harmony with each other. This isn’t a free app and its price is $4.99.

Pro Tools

According to Mike Solomon, an expert on music subjects at EssayMama and MyAssignmentHelp suggests Pro Tools as one of the best ways to record music: “Today it’s essential to be familiar with the DAW music software. It enables you to record your songs in a digital format and share them with others. Moreover, it has become an industry standard in the studio world.”

Therefore, it’s useful to know how to run Pro Tools and gain another skill that is appreciated in the music world.


BandLab is a completely free online digital audio workstation. It offers 200 professionally created instruments from pianos to drum kits, as well as some additional features such as time stretching, guitar/bass amp simulation, automation, and so on.

Also, BandLab has excellent collaboration tools which transform the way you create music. This recording studio in your pocket will make you ready whenever the inspiration strikes. It’s perfect for mixing your next masterpiece, capturing a guitar riff, or rapping over beats.


The last suggestion comes from Catherine Cole, a music teacher and content writer at boom essays review: “Audiotool is a powerful music production studio in your browser, especially for those who are into hip-hop or electronic music. It’s a great option to create your music when you have more time and a laptop within your reach”.

Just play with numerous features Audiotool offers – drag some instruments and some effects pedals onto the computer screen and record the project you’re working on.

Now comes the fun part. Explore all the songwriting tools mentioned above, play with different options, and find the one that fits your needs perfectly. Have everything ready the next time you get a brilliant idea.

Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger who writes for Rush My Essay, Assignment Masters, bestessayservicereviews.com and Assignmentholic.co.uk. She is interested in education technologies and is always ready to support informative speaking. Follow her on Twitter.

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