Singers: Top 5 Techniques to Belting, Without Destroying Your Vocal Chords

techniques to belting

Singers often wonder how they can improve their voice and broaden their skillset. Learning a new technique takes time and patience, and can often be difficult to master. One of the techniques that I personally have found most difficult to learn is belting. Every time I watch a singing competition I think, “my goodness, how do they put that much power behind their voice?” Fortunately, Cari Cole has provided some tips in her article “Top 5 Techniques to Belting, Without Destroying Your Vocal Chords.” Here, you can learn how to belt and how to do so safely, without damaging your vocal chords.


1. Vocal Strength.

You won’t belt properly or safely without some basic vocal strength. Basic vocal strength comes from singing and practicing vocal technique. Singing wrong whittles your voice away, destroying your voice. Practicing proper vocal and breathing techniques to ease strain and make you stronger is the first step. Period. I teach a vocal system that builds your vocal strength ~ safely and permanently. Start with my Singers Gift Vocal Warmups which are designed to open and free your voice.


Working on technique is a great way to ensure that your voice is protected and safe. As Cari mentions on her Singers Gift Vocal Warmups page, vocalists are athletes too. You want to be sure to appropriately warm up and cool down your vocal chords. It is important to take care of your voice at all times, especially when you are belting.


To learn more techniques to belting from Cari, celebrity vocal coach, artist development expert, and new music business mentor, please visit the original article here:

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