Community Video: Caleb and the Gents – Hoke Poole Stomp

Caleb and the Gents

Caleb and the Gents are indeed the “new wine in an old bottle” that fits the prescription for a new generation of revivalists. They bridge the gap between the music of the old-time speakeasies and juke joints with the voice of a new generation by blending the timeless traditions of americana, hot jazz, and western swing with a uniquely hot and fresh flavor that transcends genre. Their acoustic brass ‘n’ brew-grass tunes include raucous barnburners and heart-breaking ballads, so whether on the river or on the rug, Caleb & the Gents are here to sweep you off your feet, so drink ‘em down and get ready to dance!

Caleb and the Gents is led by the compelling crooner Caleb Warren, whose engaging lyrics and rhythm guitar keeps the audience swingin’ and swayin’. He’s accompanied by Jonathan Mills (percussion) and Ian Blanton (upright bass) rounding out the rhythm section. John Boulware (fiddle), and Luke Weathington (clarinet and saxophone) make up the lead section of the band and are some of the highest caliber players on their respective instruments!
Western swing, hot jazz, and country blues. Swingin’ tunes for your dancin’ shoes!
Learn more about Caleb and the Gents on their website.

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