Own Your Tone! A Practical Guide to Electric Guitar Tone

Guitar tone is the sound or timbre of the guitar which could mean the effects that are being used, what pickup selection is being used, is it played with a plectrum or fingerpicked, and many other factors. You could say that the sound difference between an acoustic guitar and electric guitar is due to the difference in tone. Or the difference between Kirk Hammett’s distorted guitars in Metallica and Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits’s clean to lightly overdriven sound is due to differences in tone.

Gibson Announces History-Making Slash Collection Confirmed for Release Worldwide In 2020

A partnership that crosses over three decades, Gibson and Slash announced on January 9 the release of the first-ever Slash Collection. In a history-making move for the brand, the Slash Collection will feature multiple acoustic and electric guitars. The new Slash Collection will officially premiere at the Gibson experience space, 3rd Floor, Ballroom A, during […]

Funky Familiarity

The Paul Reed Smith Core “Floyd” Custom 24 is equipped with the time-tested Floyd Rose “original” tremolo and locking nut system and PRS’s trademark pickups. PRS unveiled this iconic instrument to the public for the first time at Winter NAMM 1985, and this edition is sure to impress. The solid body electric guitar puts the sound, playability, and gorgeous looks of the Custom line into a high-quality yet affordable instrument. The Special Edition comes with the PRS-designed SE gig bag.