Introduction to Bluegrass Instruments

For anyone seeing an authentic bluegrass band for the first time, the unique instrumentation, driving tempos, soulful harmonies, and fierce, piercing tenor singing can be a lot to take. The sharp suits and masterfully virtuosic musicianship defy any “hillbilly” stereotype of its southern Appalachian roots, and it’s hard to disagree that ace bluegrass musicians are […]

Jeff Daniels’ True Passion Uncovered; Playing Delta Blues Style Guitar and Song Writing

Thanks largely to some of his predecessors’ failed attempts at music careers (just listen to William Shatner’s disturbing version of “Mr. Tambourine Man”), there’s a stigma actors-turned-musicians must overcome to be taken seriously. But Daniels had a weapon—a funny, clever, catchy, and skillfully performed song, “If William Shatner Can, I Can Too.” “That was a […]

Understanding Preamps and Digital Audio Interfaces

If you’re thinking about getting into digital recording, you’ll need more than just a microphone, a computer, and recording software. This article is an introduction to two necessary and closely related pieces of gear–microphone preamps and interfaces. These are often the missing links in people’s understanding of digital audio. So, what do they do and […]

Difference Between Phase, Flanger, and Chorus Effect

Stomp boxes have been giving electric instrumentalists a sonic edge for many years. Three very popular effects used to paint shimmering aural landscapes are phase shifters, chorus pedals, and flangers. These three pedals are also commonly confused because they sound very similar. To learn the differences between them, it helps to have a basic knowledge […]