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Cameron Hayes has been a professional musician for close to 10 years. After completing his Bachelor of Music Degree from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Cameron made the move to London (United Kingdom) where he quickly became busy as a sideman/session musician to a variety of different singers and artists in the rock/pop/blues/soul/RnB genres. A guitarist in high demand, Cameron performed in various venues around London and greater England, as well as recorded in the studio with these artists and remotely from his home studio. Cameron also regularly transcribes sheet music for clients all over the globe, most commonly for artists in the USA, UK and Australia, so that they can record their own original music or cover songs with their own musicians in studios around the world! He has now returned back to Australia to be based in Melbourne where he continues his work as a session musician, as well as being involved in different songwriting and original projects. When he is not busy with any of the above endeavours, Cameron will often be teaching guitar lessons via Zoom to a select number of students situated around the globe, or writing music-related articles for different websites.