Musician’s Yoga: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Inspiration

Musician’s Yoga: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Inspiration by Mia Olson will help you become a better musician through yoga. By integrating yoga into your practice routines, you will develop a more focused and concentrated mind for performance. You will be able to increase awareness of how you use your body to allow for proper posture and ease of movement while performing, helping you to avoid overuse injuries and play with greater expression.

These concepts, exercises, and practice routines present yoga from the musicians’ perspective, focusing on the direct relationships between using yoga and creating music.

In Musicians Yoga by Mia Olson, you will learn to:

  • Practice meditation approaches, breathing techniques, and yoga postures that will help improve musicianship
  • Play using healthy posture and technique
  • Get more out of your practice through improved focus
  • Use your breath to improve your phrasing and also to ease performance anxiety
  • Play with deeper expression through inspiration

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