How to Get An Internship in the Music Business


Your college career is coming to a close and you are wondering, “what is the next step?” Some students will graduate and immediately go off into the workforce or military. Others may continue on to receive their Master’s or Ph.D. Then there are those that are interested in getting experience before starting a full-time job. So, how can you find that perfect internship, especially if you don’t have many contacts in the industry? Ariel Hyatt shares her thoughts in her article, “How to Get an Internship in the Music Business…Without a Single Contact.”


STEP ONE: Identify Your Areas Of Interest

Ask yourself what part of the music business do you want to be in? Marketing? Radio? Publicity? Online Marketing? Touring? A&R? You may not know the answer to this question yet, and that’s perfectly fine! You are not supposed to know until you get some experience in a particular area. BUT if you don’t specify what you are looking to try, the people in charge of hiring you will have no idea how they can fit you into their business. Having a list of general areas of interest is a necessity.

To get a working knowledge of what different parts of the music industry are available, read blogs and do online research so you don’t walk in looking unprepared. is a great place to start.

Create a list of 2-4 areas that you would like to work in.


This is so important when starting out in the music business. I think many times college students majoring in music business don’t realize how many different paths are available in the music industry. There are so many options that often times some of the best options are pushed to the wayside on accident. It is important to take a moment to really think about which aspects of the music industry you find most intriguing so you can take that information and start deciding which companies would be the best fit for your internship.


STEP TWO: Make A Dream List Of Companies & Artists You Love

Research as much as you can in your chosen field.

If you love a specific band or artist, look up who they work with and put those companies on your list because nothing is more thrilling and satisfying than working for your FAVORITE artists and bands (I still get a thrill out of that and I’ve been working in the music industry for 21 years).


Ariel’s tip on looking for companies that have worked with your favorite artists is a great one. It’s time to start your journey in the music industry, so why not start somewhere you would love to be? You are entering a whole new world of the music industry as an intern, and have some amazing opportunities available. Research your favorite bands or artists and see where they started and where they are now. Who knows, you may just work with them someday!


Ariel Hyatt is the Founder of Cyber PR. She has spoken to over 100,000 entrepreneurs worldwide and has written four bestsellers on social media, marketing, and crowdfunding. To view her full article and learn more about finding an internship in the music business, please visit

Cassidy is the Digital Marketing Manager at Making Music and has recently begun her career in the music industry. In May 2017, she graduated from the Crane School of Music with a double degree in Music Business and Music Theory. Upon graduating college, Cassidy did an internship with DANSR, Inc. in Illinois before moving to Southern California where she was the NAMM intern for six months. Her favorite instrument is the clarinet, but she also enjoys dabbling with guitar, piano, ukulele, saxophone, and flute.

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