9 Steps to Getting a Job in the Music Business

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The time has come. You have nearly finished your college career and are ready to look for a job in the music industry, but where do you start? It’s time to think about what part of the industry you would like to work in, what companies you would like to work for, and get that resume looking its best. Fortunately, Ariel Hyatt has created a list of her “9 Steps to Getting a Job in the Music Industry.”


Rock Your Resume

Next, create the best resume you possibly can. There are many websites, books, and career services that can instruct you on how to do this, so I’m not going to get into much detail here. But please heed this advice:

Be Concise – One page only

Be Detailed – What exactly did you do at the previous jobs that you list?  This should express your talents.

Be Interesting – Include personal touches and hobbies or special interests.

Be Social – On your resume don’t forget to mention how many followers you have on Twitter, Facebook, and which music promotion sites you know how to use (Noisetrade, Bandsintown, etc.), and which tools and apps you know how to use (Buffer, Hootsuite, Flitter, Crowdfire, Spotify, etc.).


Similar to her article on getting an internship in the industryAriel starts by suggesting you determine what aspects of the industry interest you most. From there you can start to look into companies in the appropriate field before moving on to the resume. As mentioned, you need to be concise, detailed, interesting, and social. What makes you stand out from everyone else?

I like that she mentions adding a little personality to the resume. My music business professor in college had us all create a small logo that represents us that we could place in the upper corner of our resumes. It is important to include all relevant information regarding the position on a resume, but it is also important to make it your own. Bring your personality out through the page and show that hiring manager you are the right fit for the job. It’s their first impression of you, so you might as well make it a good one.


Recommendations Rule

If someone has a great reference letter, I call them first! I can’t stress enough the importance of a good recommendation.

Call an old employer, a professor, or a person in your life that can write you a spectacular recommendation letter. If you can ask the person writing the letter to mention strengths that match the job you want, it will really make you stand out.


Recommendations are so important when looking for a job. Your future employer is learning about you for the first time when you send in your application and resume. They have no idea how well you work with others or how much effort you put into your daily tasks. Your letter of recommendation will give them some insight into your life as a professional, and how you handle yourself in the workplace. It is a great way for someone else to show that hiring manager you are the right fit for the job and will prove to be a great addition to their team.


Ariel Hyatt is the Founder of Cyber PR. She has written four bestselling books on social media, marketing, and crowdfunding, and has spoken to over 100,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. To read her full list of tips on getting a job in the industry, please visit the original article on the Cyber PR website at http://cyberprmusic.com/getajob/

Cassidy is the Digital Marketing Manager at Making Music and has recently begun her career in the music industry. In May 2017, she graduated from the Crane School of Music with a double degree in Music Business and Music Theory. Upon graduating college, Cassidy did an internship with DANSR, Inc. in Illinois before moving to Southern California where she was the NAMM intern for six months. Her favorite instrument is the clarinet, but she also enjoys dabbling with guitar, piano, ukulele, saxophone, and flute.

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