Musicians: Top 7 Tips for How to Build a Strong Daily Practice

Strong Daily Practice

We’ve all been there. You get home from a long day at work or a busy day running the kids around and just as you are about to sit down and put your feet up, your instrument is across the room staring you in the face. Should you practice? What are you going to practice? Do you really have the time to practice? In her article, “Top 7 Tips for How to Build a Strong Daily Practice,” Cari Cole provides some tips on how to practice efficiently and effectively for all musicians.


1. Visualize What You Want.

Visualize what you want from your practice… a stronger voice on stage that people notice, better musicianship, agility, strength etc. Make a list of everything you want to experience. Everything. Write it down. Then practice hard for 6 months. Revisit your list ;).


This is huge. When I was a freshman in college I recall walking into a practice room, playing through my music for half an hour, and then leaving. Did I accomplish anything? Absolutely not. It is so important to mark down what you want to work on each session and to create a list of goals for the future. During my junior and senior years of college, I did just that, and I improved immensely.


3. Find the Perfect Time.

Finding the right time is critical. It all depends on your schedule and your personality.

When I was going to music school and waitressing, I found that getting my vocal technique done at the start of the day before I left the house was the most successful time. And then I could feel good all day that I had done my practice. That worked then…


YES. Even if you have to write practicing into your schedule, do it! It is so important to set aside a time to practice during the day. This has helped me greatly in my own practice habits, and I guarantee it will help you too.


Cari Cole is a celebrity vocal coach, artist development expert, and new music business mentor. For all of her practice tips, please visit the original article at

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