Community Video: Piqued Jacks – Indiemood Sessions

One of the most riveting alt/funk-rock bands of brothers of the Italian indie panorama. Coming from nothing, close to Florence, they made people’s “jacks” raise everywhere: USA, UK, Interpol, Atoms for Peace, MTV, CMJ Network, Arezzo Wave (Best AW Band of Tuscany).

Four wild brothers in harmony with the stage and nature, with a solid live show and a sound coming straight from the heart. Angry, danceable, delicate: it’s a must to see them live. In November of 2017, they turned an 18th-century villa into a recording studio. Surrounded by the Tuscan countryside they started working on their new album with Dan Weller from SikTh, producer of Enter Shikari and Young Guns.

For more information on Piqued Jacks, click here.

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