Making Music Mag / NAMM 2018 Product Spotlight: Hooke Audio: Verse 3D Binaural Headphones

Hooke Audio presents a new headphone that offers 3D binaural listening and recording. Hook it up to your digital device via bluetooth, and away you go. The Hooke Verse is ideal for those who like to shoot video—especially from their smartphone, although it can be used with any digital device.

So, not only does the Hooke Verse playback in 3D, it records.

It matches the same physics by which any human hears or listens to sounds by installing two microphones in the same position as the headphone speakers. With this microphone placement. the headset listens exactly the same way you do. If someone is speaking and they were to walk around you, you would hear the 360-degree panning nature of that experience. If your dog ran through fall leaves underneath you between your legs, you would hear that sound replicated accurately—coming from the front, towards you, underneath and then behind you in a 3D replication of that experience.
This is different than using a typical stereo microphone which can basically distinguish left from right in a more 2D listening experience.

Priced well within the consumer market expectation, this is a handy addition to the toolbox for any movie-making enthusiast.


Chuck Schiele is an award-winning musician, producer, editorialist, artist, activist and music fan. He still plays every day.


I absolutely love these things. Their main purpose is to record audio binaurally, which they do fantastically. The 3D imaging is amazing. You literally feel like you’re standing in the shoes of the people doing the recordings. I’ve recorded a few concerts with these things, and it’s fun being present in that place again. Makes the memories become that much more real.

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