Blackstar Amps amPlug2 FLY Bass

amPlug2 FLY Bass

amPlug2 FLY Bass

Blackstar Amps amPlug2 FLY Bass is specifically designed for low frequencies and offers a wide range of response. There are three distinct channels built-in: Classic, Modern and Overdrive. The Classic channel offers valve-inspired tone with mid-range growl. The Modern channel offers a fat bottom-end with a mid-scoop and extended treble. The Overdrive channel offers smooth, natural overdrive with plenty of bite.

A custom Tone control takes your sound from deep and booming to bright and cutting. Engage one of the six different Rhythm loops (rock, funk, R&B, hip hop, blues, or metronome) and set the beat with the simple Tap Tempo control to find your groove and jam along.

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