World Home Jazz Orchestra Raises Funds for Frontline Responders with Unique Performance

In a one-of-a-kind performance, 17 top jazz musicians have come together from around the world, each playing their musical part from their homes while under quarantine. They represent 17 countries, covering all continents – U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Japan and Australia. Together they perform an original and rousing big band musical piece called “Revival,” composed and produced by bandleader Igor Kogan.

“Throughout this time, artists from so many genres — opera, pop, hip hop, dance music — have been lifting the world’s spirits. Our jazz community has been inspired by them and have created this performance to express our gratitude to those on the frontlines battling the COVID-19 global pandemic and to everyone who is staying at home and playing their part,” said Igor Kogan, composer, producer, musician. “We wish to bring positivity and hope to people around the world during this unprecedented international crisis.”

All proceeds from donations will go to support the Frontline Responders Fund, an important organization that helps to provide frontline workers with the masks, PPE, and essential supplies they need to carry out their work safely.


Igor Kogan – composer/producer/bass (U.S.A./Israel/Russia) • Alex Hahn – alto sax (U.S.A.) • Toms Rudzinskis – alto sax (Germany/Latvia) • Eli Bennett – tenor sax (Canada) • Kaori Kobayashi – tenor sax (Japan) • Jay Metcalf – baritone sax (France) • Andrey Zyl – trumpet (Russia) • Dennis Adu – trumpet (Ukraine) • Gary Alesbrook – trumpet (U.K.) • Voro Garcia – trumpet (Spain) • Terry Hsieh – trombone (China) • Siya Makuzeni – trombone (South Africa) • Josiel Konrad – trombone (Brazil) • Filippo Vignato – trombone (Italy) • Joshua Meader – guitar (Australia) • Guy Mintus – piano (Israel) • Matthew Baker –drums (U.S.A.) • Charley Pollard – mixing engineer (U.S.A) • Joel Douek – campaign consultant (U.S.A.) • Chrysi Philalithes -campaign consultant (U.K.)

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