5 Great Gifts for Drummers

5 Great Gifts for Dummers

Have a drummer in your life and not sure what to get them? Making music has you covered with this list of 5 great gifts for drummers. From headphones to cymbal cleaner, these items are what every drummer needs, but they may not always remember to get them. Maybe you’re the drummer and just need a gift for yourself, these products could be exactly what you need. So check out the list and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Not a drummer and don’t know any drummers? No need to fret, we have great gifts for guitarists as well. Maybe you want to look stylish, then check out these piano themed clothes.


 1. Drummer Headphones – 34.99

Everyone knows Drums are loud. In short spurts everyone can stand it, but for the drummer it can be bad on his or her’s hearing over time. These simple, non-electric headphones will lower the noise levels by 22 decibels. That’s a pretty good amount and makes it perfect for practicing for long periods of time to nail those complicated fills.

survival kit

2. Drummer Survival kit – $11.99

Like any person doing what they love, they focus on the main issues at hand. For drummers, that’s making sure they have the best kit, but they always forget the little things. This Survival Kit has everything a drummer needs even if they don’t think they need it on first glance. It’s perfect for drummers on the road that may not have time to shop if they’re missing a piece.


3. Metronome – $24.99

Drummers keep the beat for the band, so they better know how to keep a beat themselves. The best way to develop this skill is using a metronome. There are plenty of metronomes out there, but the Korg MA-1 is great for drummers and it’s relatively inexpensive. Any drummer will love you for this gift. It’s a small and easy gift, but incredibly useful.

stick flip

4. Sabian Stick Flip – $59.99

The Sabian Stick Flip starts out as a drumstick bag, then unzips, flips, and morphs into a drumstick holder keeping transportation and function simple. The design makes transformation quick and smooth, without the need for snaps or special connections. As a stand, it sits firmly on the floor putting spare sticks within arm’s reach. Folded up, the low-profile bag is a lightweight, secure way to transport drumsticks.


5. Cymbal Cleaner – $9.99

Sometimes a basic gift is the best gift. Who remembers to ever buy cleaner? A real drummer likes to keep his kit clean and presentable, but may not always remember to get the cleaner. This little polish will make the cymbals sparkle like new and any drummer can appreciate a sparkling cymbal.


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