Yamaha Silent Bass SLB 300 Achieves New Lows in Acoustic Bass Modelling

Yamaha Electric Upright Silent Bass Capable of Modeling an Acoustic Bass

At the Winter 2020 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced the SLB300SK Silent Bass — the next generation of electric upright basses that allow the performer to control their sound from the instrument itself with the press of a button.

Silent Bass has been used on stage by notable performers who note its comfort and clear, rich and full “Upright” sound. The original design of the Silent Bass gave musicians a “true” ergonomic feel by including all the touch points of an acoustic upright bass.

Studio Response Technology (SRT) now allows the new SLB300SK to model an acoustic bass played through different high-end acoustic microphones, ranging from the clear, crisp sound of a dynamic microphone, to the well-balanced rich timbre and warm low-frequency emphasis of classic and vintage vacuum-tube microphones. SRT provides performers with complete control of their sound directly from the instrument.

The SLB300SK can be broken down into an easily transportable “subway friendly” instrument that can be packed into a TSA case without fear of being damaged en route. It also allows the player to take their acoustic sound to places where they may have feared to bring an expensive, classic acoustic instrument, such as an outdoor gig on a hot humid day.

“More and more professional and semi-professional players are becoming interested in an electric upright because it offers better portability and high-quality sound amplification. The SLB300SK is extremely portable and offers the best in microphone options that make it possible for players to use it every day and in any place,” said Ken Dattmore, strings marketing manager, Winds & Strings, Yamaha USA. “At Yamaha, we are always working to improve our instruments and provide performers with the best tools to perfect their sound and grow as musicians.”


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