Bass Technique Finger Gym: Build Stamina, Coordination, Dexterity and Speed with Essential Bass Exercises

The Bass Technique Finger Gym by Simon Pratt focuses on building a solid foundation of clean, usable, musical skills. Each exercise is individually targeted to a common bass technique problem. You will work on timing, strength, fluency and speed, as well as getting an overview of slapping and popping. Whether you play rock, jazz, blues or funk, all bassists come up against the same pain points. The Bass Technique Finger Gym will build your skills and develop your finesse in an organic and musical way.

The book contains over 130 essential bass technique exercises to help you build speed and fluency along with exciting musical studies to consolidate your skills. These exercises focus on: speed and dexterity, coordination and control, strength and stamina, scale sequences and fretboard fluency.

The Bass Technique Finger Gym also includes: Audio examples of each exercise to download for free, Exclusive video content that guides you through the perfect slap technique, standard notation and tab, bespoke, timed workouts, and practice schedules, and musical pieces to consolidate your skills.

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