Top 5 Thanksgiving Songs

Thanksgiving isn’t actually about eating so much food you feel sick and falling asleep afterwards to football. We all know what it’s really about. Thanksgiving is the time for everyone you care about to come together and be thankful for what you have in your life. Naturally, music should be very high on everyone’s thankful list as it is something many people cannot live without it. Sadly, there aren’t many songs specifically about Thanksgiving, but there are many songs that encompass what Thanksgiving is all about. Without anymore delay, here are Making Music’s Top 5 Thanksgiving songs.


5. Mary Chapin Carpenter – Thanksgiving Song

One of the rare songs actually about Thanksgiving, but it captures the meaning of getting together and being grateful.

4 . Arlo Guthrie – Alice’s Restaurant

This long song is a classic for Thanksgiving. Turn it on, listen to the story, and eat your turkey dinner. There’s a good chance you may finish eating before the song ends.

3.  Jim Brickman – The Gift

This wonderful song may fall into the love-song pool, but nevertheless, it still holds the meaning of being grateful and thankful for a person in your life.

2. Josh Groban – Thankful 

Well it’s right in the title isn’t it? Groban nails how important it is to recognize how lucky we all are and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to realize that.

1. Adam Sandler – Thanksgiving Song

Okay, this one may not be as thankful as the rest, but it is the classic go-to song when it comes to Thanksgiving… even if it isn’t really about Thanksgiving and more about just eating turkey.

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