Just Play Piano: Lesson 1

Just Play: Piano Lesson 1

Making Music is launching a new series that will focus on teaching beginners how to play piano. Even if you’ve never touched the keys in your life, this series will get you playing the piano. The same goes for musicians who play other instruments but not the piano. Now is the perfect time to start learning. Each week we will be bringing you a new video with Todd Hobin teaching you all the basics of piano. Now no more excuses for not playing the piano. Get your hands on some keys, watch the video, and just play.

Just Play Piano: Lesson 1


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I love your explanations….BUT… the point of view of the camera simply does not work for a beginner. We need to see the keyboard from the player’s perspective looking down at the keys. we really don’t need to see you. Sorry Neil

Hi, just stumbled on your site. I like the video presentation instead of written words. Thanks for sharing.

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