Toe Tappin’ with a Nine-Piece Banjo Band

The Banjo Racketeers are a nine-piece band from the San Francisco Bay Area performing on various sizes of banjos. They are big fans of old 78 records and music from the ’20s and ’30s — and of Making Music magazine.

“We’re a nine-piece banjo band from the San Francisco Bay Area, playing our fun hokey music and setting toes tapping wherever we go,” according to the bio on their website.

Band member Al Dodge —who plays banjo and ukulele and was a founding member of the Cheap Suit Serenaders — has sent us a link to the Banjo Racketeers’ videos on YouTube, hoping we might want to share it with our readers for our July banjo/ukulele month.

Normally, we reserve running such videos for inclusion in feature stories or as part of our Community Video contest, but something about a nine-piece banjo band hooked us on and reeled us in.

So check out the videos of the Banjo Racketeers’ performing songs such as “Sittin’ on a Rubbish Can” (which is also embedded above), “Cheer Up,” “Come On In,” and “Japanese Dream.”

Here’s the link to all their videos:

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