Teen Musicians Take Action Amidst the Panic of the Pandemic

Strings4Smiles, a student-led, nonprofit organization with the focal mission of providing music opportunities for underprivileged youth primarily in New York, recently completed its newest project: the “Quaran-Teen Competition.” The project was in effort for youth to come together and thank first responders, essential workers, and healthcare workers for the paramount work they have been doing.

Over 50 teens from across the nation, from vocalists to violists to bagpipers, submitted musical entries ranging from contemporary to classical, including a heartfelt message expressing their gratitude to the brave service of our heroes — shared with the staff at Northshore University Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital, The NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital, and Stony Brook Hospital.

Strings4Smiles also will be facilitating free, virtual music lessons as a means to continue its focal mission to assisting underprivileged youth with accessing the joys of music — even when met with the challenge of being unable to operate in a physical space. Even for kids without instruments, Strings4Smiles will additionally be hosting lessons with chrome music lab to teach and introduce music theory.

“In the midst of pressing and unprecedented times, Strings4Smiles sees that the simple need for acts of goodwill and messages of empathy and support is as essential as ever,” according to a statement from the organization. “Through its Quran-Teen Competition and virtual lessons program, the Strings4Smiles organization hopes to relay that the means to make contributions, in any small part, to providing support for our healthcare heroes and helping bring a sense of normalcy, is well within the abilities and reach of our musicians and teenagers.”

Strings4Smiles is a youth organization run by New York City high school students that are passionate about music education. They aim to support underprivileged students and minorities through providing them with a basic music education as well as the instruments that come with it.


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