Innovative Music Competition for Piano and Violin Now Open

Ninichi and Xelafish, a creative partnership between composer Ninichi and multimedia creative Xelafish, have launched a competition open to all piano and violin musicians to cover their piece “Journey Into The Unseen.” The sheet music has been made available for free in piano solo, violin and piano (also works as violin solo), and violin duet arrangements with further instructions for entry at:

Entries close on Thursday, December 5, with the winner announced on Monday December 9. The winner will receive a ‘The Light And The Dark’ Limited Edition Booklamp.

Ninichi and Xelafish’s company mission is to release a series of context-driven sheet music collections and recordings into the world primarily for developing, hobbyist, and recreational musicians. The intention for these collections is to encourage and enhance personal connections to pieces through humor and imagination through a world that develops as each new collection is released.

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