A “Physician-Musician” Thrives at the Intersection of Medicine & Music

When she was only four years old, Dr. Tara Rajendran watched as her grandmother suffered from and eventually succumbed to leukemia. While certainly sad at this loss, she was taken, even at such a tender age, by how her grandmother seemed to feel less anxiety and pain whenever Carnatic music, the classical music of her […]

How To … Deal with Stage Fright

Stage fright is the bane of all performers – musicians, actors, lecturers, even professional athletes can all experience bouts of nervousness or even sheer terror before getting up in front of their respective audiences. The ability to get past stage fright (sometimes called “performance anxiety”), its causes, how to overcome it and climb up on […]

New Scientific Study Says Music Therapy Can Help Patients With Mild Cognitive Decline

More evidence of the power and usefulness of music as a therapeutic tool recently came to light. During its June 25 broadcast, the program “Science Friday,” aired on National Public Radio, discussed a recent scientific study revealing that among people showing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) “playing musical instruments, singing, or otherwise participating in […]