Playing Well with Dr. Randall Kertz: Loosen Up!

In the first video of his new health column for Making Music, Dr. Randall Kertz — a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and bassist in private practice in the Chicago area — offers advice on loosening up before you play your instrument so you can avoid injury and play your best.
Dr. Kertz’s monthly column will address how musicians can avoid injury, how they can identify things they may do to cause injury, and offer general health information and tips for musicians of every instrument.
You can send your comments, questions, or requests for future column topics to Dr. Kertz via email at, or visit his website at

Randall Kertz is a chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, educator, and author in private practice in suburban Chicago, IL. He treats many local, national, and international musicians of all playing styles in his office and on tour, and has lectured on the subject of musician’s injuries and health education worldwide, as well as consulting, designing, and developing ergonomic and health-related products for the music industry. He is also a bassist and has been involved in many other roles in and around the music business for over 35 years. His book, "The Bassist’s Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health," was first published in 2005, and is now available in its second edition. He can be reached at, and his book can be purchased at Amazon, or at

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Good Day Dr. Kertz,
As I have aged I have noted pain in my hands and wrists from playing guitar and bass. I have never had these pains before so I assume that they are related to aging. I would also assume that many have experienced similar issues. Will you be doing some columns this subject? I would be especially interested in techniques for strengthening the hands and wrists, warm ups, avoiding stress and strain, repetitive motion etc. Thanks very much!

Hi Paul!
Thanks for your comment- I will definitely be doing articles on this subject, and on all the points you listed.

Thanks again and play well!
Best, Randall Kertz

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