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KoAloha: Changing the World One Uke at a Time

When it comes to family run businesses KoAloha ukuleles may be one of the most familial of them all. Even the employees who are not biologically related to Alvin “Pops” and Pat “Moms” Okami soon end up part of the family. The series of fortuitous events and coincidences that led Alvin to discover his true calling, building ukuleles, is almost as inspirational as the family itself.


O’ahu: An Exploration of Musical Culture and Traditions

A visit to O’ahu is a chance to experience an amazing musical culture and learn techniques unique to Hawaiian styles of music. Live performances abound on the island, from strummers hanging out on Waikiki beach, to performances in a wide variety of venues featuring Hawaii’s best talents. Music makers are friendly and always willing to talk and answer questions about their music.