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I am 73yrs coming 73 in Feb and have just purchased a Weissenborn Lap Guitar. Never played an instrument before. I want to play in Slack Open “D”. DADF#AD. I’ve Googled for info on how to.
But what I’ve read is Loosen the strings down. OK, but from what? I have it tuned too DADF#AD but I worry that the strings maybe to tight. I did loosen the strings right off and retightened them to DADF#AD, but was too slack, so I tightened them up to the tuning. Now the strings are not Slack, as you call them.
I live in a small rural town and am at a lose. Can you help me. Best Regards. Brian Colloton.

Brian, I’m 70 and want to do the same send did the same as you in the tuning …now what?

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