Sony Unveils New Walkman ZX2 at CES 2015

Walkman ZX2

With CES 2015 going on there are lots of incredible devices being revealed, and Sony added to this pool by putting a new Walkman on the market. Yes, this is 2015, but don’t worry. This isn’t some throwback to appeal to those retro music lovers. It is a fully functional, modern day piece of technology. The Walkman ZX2 may be able to play some apps,but it isn’t meant to replace your smartphone. This is for hardcore audiophiles. It supports various formats including DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and Apple Lossless. That means you can hear the best version of your song, whatever that may be. This will only cost you $1,200, so decide if you really need another way to listen to your music.

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