How to Solder Broken Cables

Solder Broken Cables

How To Solder Broken Cables

Things break. It happens. Musicians especially know this. When you carry equipment things tend to get banged around or crammed into tight spaces, and those duck-tape patch jobs on all your gear will only keep it together for so long. You can always take your broken gear to a repair shop, but you might as well empty your pockets walking in the door. Todd Hobin shows us that there are other solutions. With only a few easy to acquire tools you can solder broken cables. Todd demonstrates that it isn’t very hard to get your cables back in working order. This step-by-step guide is easy to understand and will take you through the steps of everything you need to do. This is a must watch video for any musicians looking to save some money, and finally fix some of their broken equipment. This soldering technique can even be used on broke guitar jacks. So watch the videos below so you can get to work.

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