Community Video: Sad – Bleachers

Lead singer Marlon Marcy of Sad, NY alternative rock/pop band has been cultivating his sound since his teenage years and has recently found the players to form pure magic. Marlon’s brain process operates in synthesis which means he translates sounds into colors. Taylor Crawford and Marlon attended an open mic in NYC where they unofficially met over their interest in the same crush. They met again in college and found when they played together, they lost themselves on stage and fans responded.  Their sound transcended time and a Band Called Sad has become one of NYC’s favorites in just over a year on the scene. Sad is the perfect culmination of both the technique and the melancholy pop sound cultivated by pure, raw teenage angst. Sad’s debut single will be released soon, stay tuned as they captivate the world.

If you want to check out more about Sad visit their website.

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