Queen Has Shared A Previously Unreleased Track to Help Fight Aids

Queen Has Shared A Previously Unreleased Track

Queen Has Shared A Previously Unreleased Track to Help Fight Aids

Everyone knows Freddie Mercury died from AIDS-related causes in 1991. That’s why Queen has shared a previously unreleased track from the upcoming album Queen Forever compilation to Coca-Cola’s RED campaign to benefit the Global Fund, which fights AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Queen’s guitarist Brian May said in a statement:

“It’s been 23 years since the world lost our beloved Freddie Mercury. We’ve made extraordinary progress in the fight against AIDS in that time. But we cannot simply rest on the fact that the treatment is available. We must ensure that it is provided. roger [Taylor] and I are proud to lend this rediscovered song to the RED campaign, in the hope that Freddie’s powerful voice can inspire the world yet again.

Taylor told Billboard the song was recorded in 1984 during the creation of The Works: 

it somehow didn’t get used, or it didn’t get finished, I guess, and it just got put aside and forgotten. I think Brian discovered it again, and I’d completely forgotten about it, I have to say. So we did a little work on it. We did a few backing vocals on it and there it is, with all of the original instruments and the rhythm section and guitar as it was recorded at the time. That was a nice surprise for me.”

You can purchase the song via iTunes and the proceeds go to the RED campaign. Make sure you watch the video below to listen to hear the song and watch some great Queen footage! Queen Forever comes out November 11th.

What do you think about this donation? Are you planning on picking up Queen Forever when it releases? And how cool is this iconic Queen snare drum?



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